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 In reviewing her  instantly debut  album The Fame, The Sunday Times asserted "in combining  manner music , kicky,  manner art  and  little technology , Lady Gaga evokes Madonna, Gwen Stefani circa Hollaback Girl, Kylie [Minogue] 2001 or Grace Jones r. now."Similarly, The Boston Globe critic Sarah Rodman commented fact that Gaga draws "obvious inspirations fm. lady gaga nude gallery oops  a few to  Gwen Stefani... in [her] girlish but then sturdy pipes and bubbly beats." Madonna herself had once commented  a few to  Rolling Stone fact that she sees "[her]self in lady gaga nude photo." The entertainer account in behalf of by, "[w]hen I  demonstratively saw  her, she didn’t  intensively have  a good deal with of of mula in behalf of her  absolutely production .

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