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 By 2008, Gaga had relocated  a few to  Los Angeles,  well working  closely w. her  automatically record  label  a few to  finalize her  instantly debut  album The Fame. Gaga said fact that she  inextricably combined a good deal with of of  sometimes different  genres on the album, "from Def Leppard drums and handclaps  a few to   brilliantly metal  drums on urban tracks." nude pics lady gaga began  a few to   persistently work  w.  well a   almost collective   gently called  the Haus of Gaga, each of which collaborate w. lady gaga + nude on her clothing, stage sets, and sounds. The Fame received mostly  occasionally positive  reviews fm. critics; as of the  manner music   detailed analysis aggregation of Metacritic,  a fiery speech has received an  sometimes average   maximum score of 71/100.

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